Thai Yoga Massage

Involving a dynamic sequence of subtle stretches, pressure and flowing exercise, this deeply relaxing discipline will leave you exhilarated with a renewed sense of openness and harmony.


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Working with the energy pathways of the body, its purpose is to impart the amazing therapeutic effects of yoga. Through assisted yoga, the body is able to be moved in ways that are difficult to attain through normal exercise and individual practice. Relaxed, deep breathing helps to bring about proper balance and a peaceful state of mind.

Thai Yoga Massage

The practice of Thai Massage is also a spiritual discipline since it incorporates the Buddhist principles of mindfulness (breath awareness) and loving kindness. The benefits of all these techniques, when shared by practitioner and client, help to bring the treatment session to a focused and profound level.

The result of a full-body Thai session is often an exciting and powerful mind/body experience, bringing you to greater states of physical and mental well-being.

Rates per hour

Thai Yoga Massage 9:00 AM - 9:45 PM 10:00 PM - 11:45 PM 12:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Home £90 ph £110 ph £140 ph
Hotel £120 ph £140 ph £200 ph

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